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Blog Post 5 – Brrrrr, I’ts chilly!




January is speeding by and as they say time really does fly when you’re having fun.  Here at the Deals are Done office we’ve been turning up the heating as this proves to be a very chilly month indeed.  We have had a few mornings of snow but nothing to stop play as yet and certainly nothing compared to the snow forecast for America this week.  That said, in this day and age, many of us don’t need roads and cars to get to work, we hop onto the internet where ever we lay our hat!  A great number of people now chose to base themselves in home offices be it a small start-up company or people working for a larger company from home.  According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the number of people working from home has risen to its highest level since records began. There were 4.2 million UK home workers in the first three months of 2014, amounting to 13.9% of the workforce.  The ONS said that was the highest proportion since measurements started in 1998.  If it is a home office you would like to create or simply spruce up an existing one, we have desks and computer packages for sale today and all pre-loved.  Have a look at the curtains and rugs to make a cosy work station or brighten up the room with new pictures or a big mirror. 


Maybe we are getting a little wiser to the work life balance as the research shows many more men are now choosing the part-time working option so that they don’t miss those precious moments with little ones.  Indeed, I am aware of one of our local GPs with his own practice who spends one day a week at home looking after his three little ones whilst his wife gets a chance to work one day a week.  The Daily Mail reports today on an increase in the number of fathers wanting to spend more time with their children leading to almost a million men in Britain choosing to work part-time.  They report data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showing that thousands of fathers have joined a growing trend for men to share childcare responsibilities by cutting their hours.  This comes after separate research showed that more than two thirds of fathers under-35 regularly take their children to and from school.  The world is certainly changing, however, working from home doesn’t always mean less hours quite often the opposite in fact as we often work into the small hours! 




It’s that funny time of year which feels a bit like a no man’s land, its neither Christmas nor Easter with nothing too close on the horizon and a lot of celebrations behind us!  I don’t know about you but I always find the site of red covered chocolate hearts and bunny ears in the shops mid-January to be slightly disturbing! That said I am not averse to enjoying the benefit of increased chocolate availability at these times! Before we know it Valentine’s Day will be upon us (February 14th as if you might need any reminding!).  Valentine’s Day is a day when many people exchange cards, chocolate, gifts or flowers with their special “valentine.” The day of romance is named after a Christian martyr and dates back to the 5th century, but has origins in the Roman holiday Lupercalia.  What will you be doing to celebrate Valentine’s Day and Easter?  If you would like to be organised in advance take a look at our Easter Hampers and special gift packages available.




Many of us use January as a ‘getting to grips’ with life month be that a new diet, house de-clutter, business audit or ‘life laundry’.  It’s all good stuff and anything that motivates us to better ourselves or our environment can’t be a bad thing! I have to say, I liked the look of the “Juice plus diet plan”!




‘Ne'er cast a clout till May be out' is an Old English proverb, the cold weather is not over yet so wrap up warm.  I don’t think we have seen the last of the snow and certainly the little ones are looking for a bit of sledging action.  If you are planning on heading further afield on the lookout for snow keep a look out for adverts for pre-loved ski gear which you can pick up at a fraction of the new price.




Enjoy the season of hot chocolate, marshmallows and red wrapped hearts and stay warm.  Whilst you are in the throes of the ‘getting to grips’ with life month of January maybe it would do us all good to reflect on the issue of work life balance.




As always we are here, if you have any questions, comments,  need any help  or just fancy a bit of a chat, hop onto the email and one of the Dad Team will be delighted to help you. 


With very best wishes from


The DAD Media Team









Blog Post 4 – Happy New Year


Now that Christmas has disappeared like a flash of lighting into the distance, we can look forward to a fun filled and prosperous new year.  As always we are a hive of activity here at the D.A.D. office and loving every minute! We hope you all enjoyed the Christmas break; at least those of you who managed to take one.  We also hope that we have been able to contribute positively to your festivities.  If you have any unusual or interesting stories connected to your purchases or sales made with D.A.D we would love to hear from you!


According to new research by comparison website Go Compare, more than £223m-worth of unwanted Christmas gifts are set to be returned this year. Thirty-eight percent of the 2,000 surveyed kept unwanted presents because they don't want to upset the giver. I think we all used to feel slightly apprehensive when it came to unwanted Christmas gifts.  What to do with Aunty Betty’s snowman jumper?!  In times gone past we may have put these gifts to the back of the wardrobe or the cupboard to accumulate dust in our increasingly cluttered spaces.  Second to that we make trips to the local charity shops.  However, this may not always seem appropriate depending on the gift and so in our now savvy day and age we are increasingly turning to the internet to solve this problem.  Where we are not able to return a gift directly to the shop, selling an item on line can be a way to circumnavigate this issue.  Shoppers these days are increasingly savvy; we know how much an item costs new but don’t always want to pay that price.  At the touch of a button we can look at what the online forum has to offer us and more often than not at a fraction of the price. 


As mentioned in previous Blog posts; selling ‘pre-loved’ items cost less, it doesn’t use new energy or resources thus decreasing the environmental impact.  We are also able to make a positive contribution to our local economy.  What’s not to like!


We are delighted to say that more and more of you are choosing to both buy and sell with us.  We currently have 25 bikes advertised, something for everyone from pink toddlers, blue boys or big boys mountain bikes and more.  Are you in the market for a pre-loved vehicle for the New Year, if so why not take a look at the immaculate BMW 3.  Maybe, your new year’s resolution is to learn to drive, why not contact Mike in Malvern who gives tuition to beginners or experience drivers looking at the extended driving test.  If you’re thinking of revamping your little ones bedroom you could bag a bargain solid wood children’s wardrobe.  Alternatively, if it’s the house you are upgrading there is a shabby chic dining room table and chairs for sale. 

Whether you are buying or selling or merely perusing our website, the D.A.D. Team would like to wish you the very best for a happy and healthy New Year. We are here, if you have any questions, comments or need any help hop onto the email and one of the Dad Team will be delighted to help you.


With very best wishes for 2015 from all of us here at the D.A.D Team

Happy shopping!




The Dad Media Team




Blog Post 3 - December Deals


We are very happy here in the Deals are Done office to say that we are buzzing not just with Christmas spirit but with a great volume of adverts and sales!

With just 10 sleeps to go, we are well and truly into the Christmas countdown! In days gone by, the world came to a grinding halt during holidays, especially at Christmas and New Year.  However, all of that has been changed by the wonder of the web and if you wish to continue trading you can! With that in mind there is still time to make local purchases and pick up in time for Christmas or alternatively the last post date for Christmas has not gone yet (Royal mails official dates for UK are: 18th December for 2nd class; 20th December for 1st Class signed for delivery; and 23rd December for Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed Delivery) so you can still bag some bargains, Christmas presents or maybe just something nice for yourself at Christmas. 


As always we have a wonderful eclectic range of items for sale and services up for grabs.  Why not surprise your little one with a new novelty bed; we have pirates and Thomas The Tank on the list today.  We have a fast turnover of cars so if you’re feeling like an upgrade or been having a tricky time with your current vehicle why not treat yourself to a ‘once loved’ car which will be new to you but cost a fraction of the price? We have Land Rover, Fiat, Nissan, Ford and Mitsubishi models to mention just a few!  As always we have a range of phones on offer including Blackberries and Nokia c7 models.  If you’re thinking of sprucing up the house in time for the relatives arriving at Christmas why not invest in a ‘once loved’ sofa, we have two leather suites one a beautiful red and a cream suite both with a three and two seat sofa.  Why not compliment this new look with one of our coffee tables, either a shabby chic or vintage style. We have a 32” Lcd TV HD ready with Freeview up for grabs if you’re keen to upgrade in time for the Christmas season programmes.


However, If your mind is more focussed on the party season, those of you living in the North Cheshire area could take advantage of the ‘Creative Touch Nail’ Service or across in Llanedeyrn, Cardiff you can benefit from a bespoke Hair Extension service!


One thing that is on all of our minds at this time is getting our loved ones something special for Christmas.  What about one of the cute kittens advertised today or if you’re looking for more exotic a pair of Grey African Parrots!  If you’re arranging a Christmas party, why not invite Mickie and Minnie or Olaf (Mascot Hire) to come along to entertain the little ones!


Whatever you decide to do over the festive season and however you decide to celebrate, the Dad Team would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and all the best for a fantastic 2015!  We will be here, as always, if you have any questions, comments or need any help hop onto the email and one of the Dad Team will be delighted to help you.


Happy shopping!

With best wishes

The Dad Media Team





December Deals – 2nd Post 2014


It’s the wonderful month of December again and we have the festive season firmly in our sites.  Here in the Deals are Done office we are revving up for Christmas and are looking forward to a record number of sales in the coming month!



It’s a busy time in the Deals are Done office and we hope we can help you find what you need. Are you are looking for tools to make your business run more smoothly and successfully or just keep up to date with your friends on facebook, take a look at our range of phones, we have a Samsung Galaxy s5 and note 4, Apple iphone 5s, 5c, 6 and 6+ just in time for Christmas so will no doubt be snapped up!  Why not jazz up your phone, at the same time as giving it your stamp by adding a personalised phone case.



Isn’t it interesting how school proms are big news in Britain these days.  Traditionally, the school Proms were seen as an American affair with our friends across the pond.  Well, we’ve joined in and would you believe that over 85% of schools in Britain are now doing the prom thing!  A school prom is usually held at the end of Secondary School or after finishing exams in Year 11 and it means three things; big dresses, big cars and a big party.  We currently have fifteen beautiful prom dresses in a range of gorgeous colours, cuts and sizes.  Some of the dresses come with optional hoops to make the skirts bigger, some diamante bling and shawls!  Have a look and see if these might tick the box for your teen.



There aren’t many times in our lives when we get to wear truly glamorous dresses so it’s important to make it memorable.  The other big day when we get to take centre stage of course is on our wedding day.  Buying and selling second hand wedding dresses is big business in Britain these days where we can make savings of up to 85% on designer wedding dresses, why wouldn’t we! The average UK wedding costs in the region of £17,000 but you don’t have to spend a fortune on your dream wedding.  We have a beautiful range of wedding dresses regularly being bought and sold and at your dream wedding price! Why not splash out on a beautiful wedding car.  If you haven’t got time to organise your special day, why not employ a wedding planner.  In any case, if you’re planning a wedding we hope that your big day all goes smoothly and is the dream day that you envisaged.


If it’s Christmas presents that you’re looking for, take a look at the Xbox 360 with kinetic sensors.  This package also includes three games so a win win in terms of presents!  A Wii console plus accessories is also up for grabs!


As always, if you have any questions, comments or need any help hop onto the email and one of the Dad Team will be delighted to help you.

Happy shopping!


With best wishes


The Dad Media Team






December Deals – 1st Post 2014



Hello and welcome to the first ‘Deals are Done’ blog post! December Deals.  We would like to welcome you to our online community and keep you up to date with our news and share some articles, advice and videos that you might like.


Here at Deals are Done we are proud to be promoting the sale of ‘once loved’ items.  Why you might ask? The facts speak for themselves:


‘Once loved’ items cost you less! The majority of used items are less expensive than the alternative, sometimes up to 90% cheaper, but generally at least 50% cheaper.  Your pound will go much further if you buy ‘once loved’.



‘Once loved’ products don’t require new resources.  Every manufactured product is responsible for consuming resources.  This includes cotton farmed, forest clearing, metal mining or oil consumption.  The production of new books and furniture require trees to be cut down (95% of books and furniture are made from non-recycled paper).  Anything made from plastic uses oil and metals in mobile phones, jewellery, computers must all be taken from our planet with significant environmental consequences.  We are very proud to support the alternative which is ‘once loved’ items which don’t require any new resources to be consumed.




‘Once loved’ items don’t contribute to pollution  being pumped into our environment including toxic chemicals, pesticides and carbon emissions. For example, a new cotton item of clothing is responsible for a significant proportion of pesticides in the cotton fields. A new car is responsible for a significant level of carbon dioxide emmissions into the atmosphere not to mention energy used during manufacturing process.



‘Once loved’products don’t use up energy used to create it’s equivalent.  Manufacturing, shipping, farming and harvesting means a lot of electricity use (usually generated from coal, oil or natural gases). Once loved products don’t require any energy except those used in delivery or collection of the item.



Our ‘once loved’ items don’t have any packaging and therefore do not require the use of further energy.



We can support our local economy by buying ‘once loved’ items.  Buying in your local area to enable direct pick up or within the UK keeps money local.  The other benefit is that by buying ‘once loved’ you are likely to be reducing the amount of material going to landfill which is a growing and problematic issue.



Here at Deals are Done we are proud to be supporting positive measures to protect our environment and look forward to sharing our ‘once loved’ items with you! We hope you might be able to bag a bargain or two for Christmas!



If you have any questions, comments or need any help hop onto the email and one of the Dad Team will be delighted to help you.



Happy shopping!


With best wishes


The Dad Media Team





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